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Dimmersions Is a Computer Vision Startup creating Futuristic Solutions that businesses can use TODAY.

We Design

One-of-a-Kind AR | VR | XR
experiences for your Business

We believe that the strength of Immersive experiences lies on creating either MAGIC or USEFULNESS for the user. That’s why we focus on creating unique experiences that align perfectly with the “ethos” of a brand and that can not only enhance the brand recognition but also be useful and generate either traffic or sales for the business at hand.

We Create

Ready-made, Plug & Play
VR & AR Packages

We believe that in the future, AR & VR will represent a huge part of both the marketing/advertising budget of a business as well as its first line of interaction with customers anywhere. With this in mind we started the development of packages for specific industries where we believe that AR or VR can be presented as a product that can actually make a difference and really impact sales. Our 3 first products are for the Restaurant, Hotel and Entertainment industries and are already available.

Candy de Freitas

Co-Founder & CEO

João Moreira

Co-Founder & CTO

Laura Flores


Jéssica Franco

XR Developer

Carlos Vieira

Graphic Designer

João Costa

Front-End Developer

Bruno Brazão


Natalina Sousa

PR & Communication

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